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One of my favorite books is now an audiobook - and the author was crazy enough to let me narrate it!


This book reminded me why I'm an actor, why I'm a Catholic, and why it's essential for all of us to be artists

Kevin O'Brien is an actor, producer and writer... he's also a friend of mine (see photographic evidence above).

It's rare that one book will both make you laugh and cry. It's rarer still that one paragraph will. But in "An Actor Bows," story after story, moment after moment, brings the divine comedy out of earthly tragedy, in a way I've never read before. Kevin O'Brien is a master storyteller, whose memoirs of show business get to the core of the human experience. As an actor myself, I loved this book, and resonated with all Kevin's stories. But as humans ourselves, I think all people will. We are created in the image and likeness of God, and so we are creators in the image and likeness of God... these stories of one man's love of his art and the sufferings required to live that out, call to the artist, the creator in all of us, in our longing for communion with God.

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Kevin selected me to narrate the audiobook, and his publisher agreed!

With how much I loved this book, I'm thrilled that Kevin and his publisher selected me to narrate it.

It makes a great gift for the actor or artist in your life, and anyone who's got a mind and heart searching for beauty and truth. Hope you enjoy it!

Happy Advent!

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