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Kevin O'Brien Explains It All for You

What is Grunky?

This is an illustration by GK Chesterton called "The Triumph of Grunk."

Chesterton, who was one of the greatest authors of the 20th century, said that Grunky was "a word I invented at the age of five, to express my religious sentiments".

Chesterton's "religious sentiments" - at least as an adult, if not as a five-year-old - were a combination of the following ...

  • Wonder
  • Awe
  • Gratitude
  • Humor
  • Humility
  • Joy borne out of Suffering

And if I had to say more about what "Grunky" is (as an attitude or as a religious sentiment) I would say that it's the only attitude toward life that makes any sense. 

  • It's the realization of the Kingdom, intellectually and lived out - which means that Grunk-ish humility and power may take you by surprise and is often hidden.  
  • It's reality vs. Unreality.  
  • It's what keeps us sane.  
  • It's what helps us laugh.  
  • It's what binds friends who see the same thing in the same way.  
  • It's a realization that we are living life in the "in between" place where history is "a long defeat with glimpses of final victory".  
  • It's loyalty to the flag of the world without clutching at the flag of the world.  
  • It's fighting for the treasure and then being willing to give up the treasure for the sake of others after all the struggle to attain it.  
  • It's the full shame of the cross.  
  • It's the sublime silence of Christmas Eve.  
  • It's the reality of heaven and hell visible in this life.  
  • It's performing, fully prepared to perform, without micromanaging your performance.  
  • It's being excited by something and then committing yourself to what that excitement implies, to what it's drawing you to.  
  • It's the Life Force, and it's the Life Force channeled and matured through sacrifice.

All that is Grunky - and if my definition doesn't help (it's a working definition that really doesn't work), then read my posts, watch my videos, study along with me and see what happens!  At the very least, we'll have fun!